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Robot Cafe Kiki

RoboCaffe Kiki

Hi there, my name is Kiki. I’m the latest in the interactive robotic kiosk technology. I can take orders, receive payments, and prepare yogurt and ice – all while keeping the conversation going with customers!

My abilities include:

  • Attracting the attention of your guests
  • Communicating with customers through voice activation and gestures
  • Taking orders via voice communication or my monitor
  • Preparing and dispensing ice cream and yogurt
  • Accepting various types of payments including cash, card, cheques, Paypass, iPay, or Samsung Pay
  • Intelligently providing receipts for all purchases

Payment methods

Robotti kahvila - RoboCaffe Kiki RoboCaffe Robot Cafe Kiki

Robot Cafe Menu

Soft Ice Cream's Flavors

portion is about 170ml

Chocolate G

Vanilla G

Strawberry G

Vanilla-Strawberry G

Vanilla-Chocolate G

coffees and other drinks

special coffees:


Double expresso

Expresso Macchiato

Cappucino L

Coffee with milk L

Ristretto L

Latte L

Latte Macchiato L


Hot chocolate L

Hot chocolate (water)


Ice cream’s ingredients: coconut oil, non-fat milk powder, buttermilk powder, powdered sugar,stabilizers: E451,guar gum, sodium alginate, carrageenan, carboxymethylcellulose, E470a, flavoring. Product is gluten free and contains lactose. Nutritional content 100g product contains: energy content: 2058 kJ / 490 Kcal fats 20g(15g of saturated fatty acids) carbohydrates: 67g (58g of sugars) proteins: 6g and salt: 0,28g. Country of origin: Estonia

Every drink is produced with lactose free milk


This is how you order